Frequently Asked Questions

What is Alt?

Alt refers to virtual celebrities such as VTubers, virtual streamers, virtual idols, and virtual humans, who are active in their respective countries and have recognition and value. Virtual celebrities registered in issue digital assets called DNA and sell their value. Users can trade DNA, which represents a virtual celebrity's value.

Can anyone sell their value?

In the beginning of the service, only those affiliated with the team and registered virtual celebrities in will be able to do so. After a certain period, anyone who registers as an Alt will be able to sell their value.

How can I register as an Alt in

To register as an Alt in, you must be an active virtual celebrity (VTuber, virtual influencer, etc.) who is currently streaming on any platform. Registration details can be found through the provided link. The link to sign up for Alt registration will be announced separately.

What does it mean to trade value?

It means converting and trading the value of a virtual celebrity—including their followers and fans, as well as their talents, potential, and capabilities—into a digital asset. Similar to buying stocks of a company, by purchasing the DNA of a virtual celebrity, you are sharing in their growth value.

How can Alts earn revenue in

As an Alt, you possess pieces of your DNA that symbolize your value. You can expect to see your value grow based on market evaluation. You will also earn revenue from commissions generated by the amount of DNA traded. Depending on the additional features adds to the service in the future, you can also earn additional revenue through subscription models or merchandise sales.

How can users earn revenue in

Users can trade DNA on Trading DNA can be profitable, but it also carries risks and can result in losses. does not guarantee any profits or losses from DNA trading. Therefore, please be cautious when making trades. In addition to profits, will provide a variety of activities for users to engage in and enjoy, which will support and contribute to the growth of the DNA price of your favorite Alt.

What benefits do Alts get from

Alts can benefit from increased exposure to a wider audience. is a global service that transcends borders, so if you're currently streaming in any country and you're registered on, you can make yourself known to a global audience. also provides the opportunity to connect and interact with more fans through various events and additional features within the service.

What benefits do users get from

Users can participate in the growth in value of their favorite virtual celebrities. Also, user can meet and engage with many global Alts who are actively streaming.

Are there similar services to

The concept of trading in the value of virtual celebrities is a world first. There are similar services for fractional investments in music copyrights, real estate, etc. Other services include, which involves investing in celebrity value, and Trendex, a service that trades personal value for famous soccer players and celebrities.

What does DNA mean?

DNA (Dynamic Nurture of Affection) refers to all the processes involving continuous interest and contribution to the growth and development of Alt. In, we use it as a term to express the values of the Alt.

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